Walhill is a working farm sitting on 250 acres of stunning hardwood forest, 3 beautiful ponds, and lots of pastures, flowers and gardens. Weddings and special events of every kind are hosted on Walhill’s beautiful grounds and unique and charming buildings, almost all of which are converted farm buildings and barns. The Barn was a horse barn when George Hillenbrand and his family were racing trotter ponies on Walhill’s property in the 1960s. Now converted to a beautiful, comfortable event center, The Barn has become popular for corporations, families, and newly engaged couples to celebrate their special day.

A wedding is a very special moment that shares the love of two people with their family and friends. It is the one day that brings the many friends and family of your life together for a happy celebration.  It is a statement that tells the world “we are one, and today is OUR day!” Many couples plan their entire wedding around Walhill’s many charismatic features.  Bachelorette parties and Rehearsal dinners in The Restaurant are a wonderful way to lead into the Big Day. Weddings on the farm, usually around or near the picturesque Farm Pond, have become very popular, and the receptions in The Barn are extraordinary. Think of the farm as your big beautiful canvas, and with the help of our friendly and courteous staff, you get to paint your own picture.

Walhill has become an award winning restaurant and catering destination that is delighting the taste-buds of foodies and farm to fork enthusiasts throughout the tri-state area.

We encourage you to visit Walhill Farm and see for yourself the out-of-the-ordinary allure and comfort of our home.

Call for more information on events and catering  812-934-2600