Local Food

Walhill Farm consists of 250 beautiful acres of land. We keep our own 10 acre sustainably grown garden that provides much of the produce we use for The Restaurant at Walhill Farm.  Walhill Farm has converted 190 acres of commodity crop land (corn and soy beans) to pasture to support our certified, sustainable, antibiotic free Black Angus Cattle, Berkshire pigs, chickens, bees and other assorted farm animals.  We are planning to expand our animal farm as we grow and prosper, and there is a farm petting zoo in the works.

Butcher Shop

Walhill Farm has a state certified Butcher shop where we prepare most of our own cuts, and make all of our own sausages, cured meats terrines, ect. A retail operation for these delectable goods is planned for later in the year. Some form of Agritourism is also planned for the farmland. If we do not grow it on our farm, we source it locally. Support your local small businesses.